Imagine having
a ‘live’, ‘personal’,'reliable’,and ‘local’
travel guide in your smart phone
along your journey, for free!
a personalized travel assistance app
“Where can I find a nice pub nearby where locals hang out in? One that’s not crowded with tourists.”

“How much do I need to negotiate to ensure that I’m not getting ripped off?”

“I left my bag in the taxi! Help! What should I do?!”

“Is this hotel in a safe neighborhood? Especially for a single female traveler?”

Have you ever felt frustrated during your trip when you end up on a search site with unreliable information and unwanted advertisement when searching for travel ideas or tips? Have you ever wished you could ask a local, who’s similar in age and interests, about something specific and receive an immediate answer?


Travalloon can help make your journey more personal and easy by allowing you to connect with the locals in real-time to ask for advice, recommendation, and any other travel tips and opinions. You can pay it forward when you go home by helping fellow travelers when they visit your city!


Travalloon will become a true global networking travel platform helping you create your own inter-territory social graph!


Ask Local Helpers
“What better way to make your traveling easier than asking locals! Ask anything you want and they’ll reply to help you make the most of your visit.

Real Time

Just ask and you shall receive. You’ll be directly connected to your best possible match so you can get your answers almost instantaneously, no waiting!



Looney Travel Guide
Forget thick travel books! Just peruse this easy-to-read guide that gives you want you need, short and simple.

Take a Peek

Get your answer before you even ask! Peruse what others have previously asked and you might even find out something you didn’t even think of.



Travel Dashboard
This handy little app includes a currency converter, the weather forecast, and the local time for both your current city and your destination.